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Built by Farmers, for Farmers.

Crop Boss was developed in Alberta by a group of active farmers looking for a comprehensive farm management solution


Farming from a Business Perspective

Crop Boss has you covered.   Know exactly what you have on hand, your costs and production history.  Track crop shares, sales and contracts etc, to keep your business running smoothly, with full traceability and accountability.


Crop Boss comes pre-loaded with seed varities right from CFIA. 


Pre-loaded chemicals with application rates from the manufacturers label reducing mixing errors.


Text message based notification of harvest loads for streamlined storage, shipments and sales.  


Product inventory is tracked and traceable from year to year. 

Custom Farming

Set your rate schedule, enter the activity and invoice right from Crop Boss on the go.


Track your crop insurance, hail adjustments and awarded settlements.


Give your agronomist a login, so they can drop pins for problem areas right on the map and leave you a prescription.

Crop Shares

Tracks all crop shares and allows you to customize to your operation.

General Ledger

All activities that affect the bottom line are tracked automatically in the ledger without additional data entry.

Other Expenses & Income

Enter other expeses such as grain bags & other income such as straw sales.


Why Choose Us

User Managment

Role based, allows for specific levels of access for your employees, scouts, shareholders and operators.  All entries are date, time and user stamped.

Stay Connected

Web – based program accessible from any Internet connected device (smart phone, tablet, desktop, etc). 



Platform designed with a focus on integration and aggregation.   


Up to date progress and tracking. Insight into your operation’s bottom line on the fly at any time throughout the crop year. 


"I was able to do my crop share settlements in 1 day as opposed to 4 days. This has really been a time saver"

"Crop Boss has been great for inventory tracking and allowing us to have real time data wherever we are. This becomes extremely helpful in martketing and selling our grain"

"This program is really easy to get around on"

"Crop Boss helped me make my chemical claim easier than ever with live data tracking. Crop Boss has also helped me know where my inventories were at during a bad harvest when we had to double up on equipment and man power."


Drop us a line with any questions or comments, or to set up a demo.

Crop Boss by Platinum Agricultural Solutions